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More Cooperation On Environment
The world is mustering its forces to take on the challenges of sustainable development and coping with environmental upheavals. There is increasing regional co-operation as evidenced by recent meetings held for the Nordic countries, Central Western Africa and the G-15 nations. There is also greater private sector commitment to both funding and finding technological solutions, as well as more encouragement for poorer nations to avail themselves of support or assistance by the United Nations and others.
The World Is Porous
While this could be refer to scientists' contemplation of what designates a planet with the recently found "puffy planet" HAT-P-1, it is also an allusion to the interdependency of this world. In the period of global communication and economics, where goods and diseases spread faster than migrating birds, we can no longer afford to ignore the plight of our neighbors. For their problems today will be our problems tomorrow and our solutions will come from helping them find their solutions.
Unaffiliated Religious Americans and Fear of God
A Baylor University study demonstrates that Americans are more religious than is popularly thought because a large number choose not to ascribe to conventional labels. The study also found an intriguing correlation between peoples' view of the world and how they believe God relates to the world. Those who believe in an angry engaged God are more likely to be absolutists. But this world view discounts God's compassionate and redemptive nature.
The Thorn As A Blessing
In humanity's desire to create the "perfect" world, we often seek to remove that which annoys us. But often the reason it annoys us so much is that it reminds us that we can never have full control over this reality. In martial arts a student is sometimes taught that the best way to win with a powerful opponent is to draw alongside and move with their "enemy". Perhaps we need to learn as nations and as individuals that if we accept thorns in our side as inevitable; we can mature sufficiently to understand our weaknesses and then work to bring out our strengths for the greater good of both ourselves and all humanity.
Building God's Highways and Reviving the Contrite
There is a risk of becoming a false prophet if one purports to be able to "...pierce through the labyringth of current events to understand the deeper workings of Divine Providence". There is also a risk of failing to recognise the opportunities to encourage others and remove obstacles to God's reconciliation plans. Although this section is called "News", that is an arbitrary title from the software application. If given a choice, the name of this section might be "Building God's Highways" or "Reviving the Contrite".
Collaboration To Build A Sustainable Future
Sustainability and how to cope with a changing global environment is being collaboratively researched, collectively contemplated with a view to practical responses. The work of building a viable future is being tackled on many fronts, including China, United Arab Emirates, Africa, the Meditteranean, Latin American and the Caribbean. Breakthroughs in technology and communications could make it possible to bypass the dirty legacy of industrialised economies, but this will be contingent upon passion and commitment if we are to meet the challenges of the coming marathon.
Goodbye Most Potent Greenhouse Gas Within Four Years?
Sulfur Hexaflouride 6 has been assessed as having a global warming potential 22,000 that of CO2 over a 100 year period. Yet this potent greenhouse could be a thing of the past in as little as four years.
Necessary and Biblically Justifiable to Marry Farming and Biodiversity
Farming need not be iminical to the environment. Biodiversity is still possible where responsible farming practices are in place, and there is a need for farmers to be aware that their practices in water usage and pollution impact beyond the boundaries of their farm.
Pancesila: Indonesian Example Common Ethics
Leading figures from Indonesia's six institutionalised religions have agreed to make Pancasila (five principles) the cornerstone for a common ethics for society and their nation. The five tenets are: belief in one Supreme God, a just and civilized humanity, unity of Indonesia, democracy led by the wisdom of deliberations among representatives, and social justice for all people.
One Step Closer Human Rights for Disabled
The United Nations has approved a draft Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. New Zealand's Ambassador Don Mackay hopes that the convention will encourage states to "...develop different ways of thinking about disability issues. Once you get a paradigm shift... and people adopt a 'can do' approach, a whole lot of other things flow from there."
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