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A godly future embracing respect, love, faith, truth, justice, compassion, sustainability & diversity.

In late 2001, God imparted a personal revelation of how humanity could be reconciled back to the Father and thus allowed to walk freely in communion within Zion.

I was asked to communicate this message to humanity and my response was that I, as a small insiginificant woman had no hope of achieving this undertaking. I was told that I would succeed, to which I responded that, even with faith, I might humanly be able to achieve a breakthrough in my local parish and possibly even my denomination. However, that would be the limit of my abilities, because the minute one group had accepted and taken on board this revelation and consequent missives, all the others would rebel because they would not want to follow this particular group. It did not matter which faith or denomination, or even which nation, because all the others would rebel on principle.

Thus I said to God that if He wanted this missive to succeed, He was going to have to back me up. It was not humanly possible to convince others to embrace this revelation, and that the back up would have to be very definitive or it would simply be dismissed as coincidence, sorcery or propoganda. This presence (which I now recognise to be God) promised to back me up and gave a "Gideon's Fleece" example to convince me personally that I was not working from delusion and could therefore move confidently in faith, despite all human opinions and exortations. What has followed has been an extraordinary dance between the macro and the micro, between waiting in faith and moving in faith, between movement and contemplation.

The point has come where what has been experienced no longer belongs to one individual nor one church. The messages apply to all humanity and all humanity need to be given a fair and equal chance to access the evidence and make their own determination on how to incorporate the heavenly Father's missives into into their own faith's teachings and missives.

There are those who will call me insane (that is fine, that makes me a veritable saint by the Muslims), there are those who will bemoan that there are no personal miracles or signs (to which the Jews will respond that is good for the deceiver relies on the glamour of power to create an illusion of godliness). There are atheists who will make the insult that I have a "Messiah complex" but overlook that the ultimate spiritual rewards come to those who have complete faith in God and are prepared to lose everything of this world: their life, their wealth, their health, their earthly reputation. Those of the deceiver: the corrupt, the power hungry, the proud, the vicious, the complacent, the narcisstic will try to deny and suppress these works (and have already closed off every formal communication channel within one mainstream church, with no avenue of appeal).

For those who say God's works through this vessel should be ignored because she still sins, there are two responses. Firstly, that they say but do not believe that Jesus has reconciled all of creation back to the Father through his sacrifice. Secondly, that I sincerely pray to God for forgiveness of my sins each and every day. In my apology I state to the Father that I fear that if I sought to become "sinless" I would fall prey to the deceiver appealing to my pride, and that it would also launch a debate into the future on whether I was the prophet that exceeded Jesus. By choosing to be fallible, there is no question that I have surrendered authority and recognition back to Jesus This is also why God elected to use this vessel to confirm His Will because there was no dispute over who was seen to be pre-eminent). This is also why other prophets confirmations since Jesus have been limited to fulfillment of their human dreams and machinations; their clinging to personal glory and ambition means they would choose to be seen as equal to Jesus.

The following table provides links to documents that have been prepared at various times as part of acting as God's emissary. Some of them are significant because there is a dance between the writings and what God has chosen to manifest in this space-time continuum. Others are of interest because they share personal experiences that have shaped my development or given me hope when there seemed to be no grounds for hope.




 July 2006

 There's been a lot happening since January, and I will put the interim material in sometime soon. This particular paper is the contento of a submission sent to CNN shortly after Bush's conversation to Blair vis a vis Israel and Hizbollah was taped at the G8 Conference.


January 2006

"Maximising Redemption" and its associated attachments was first emailed on 25 January 2006. It was a long document precipitated by Jesus approaching me in this space-time continuum in mid-December 2005. I had never expected to meet Jesus per se and after the first few encounters, realised there was a need for a formal hand-over. The hand-over was done as a public paper, because my report was that the bulk of humanity are effectively hostages for wasteful shepherds or narcisstic babylonians.

If at the time or writing, I had known how to properly utilise this website and the size limitations for files, I would have laid the content of the paper out differently. Hindsight is 20-20 vision and wisdom is not knowledge.

For archival reasons, the content is therefore segmented by section headings in the original paper, which makes some sections seem a bit weird in this layout. But changing the content to make it more attractive here actually compromises historical accuracy. So for better or for worse, here is the content, compartmentalised but otherwise as first issued.

Maximising Redemption 

Pt 1: Intro

Pt 2: God at the Reigns

Pt 3: Bloodlust & Aggression

Pt 4: Failing to acknowledge God

Pt 5: Problems of Retribution

Pt 6: Repression & Spin Doctors

Pt 7: Babylonians or Zionists

Pt 8: Overcoming Divisions

Pt 9: Multiple Ancestries

Pt 10: Responsibility & Intent

Pt 11: God & Money

Pt 12: Sustainability

Pt 13: God as Shepherd

Pt 14: Loosening Shackles

Pt 15: Redeeming God

Pt 16: Pre-ordained

Pt 17: Internal Reconciliation

Pt 18: Need for Refuges

Pt 19: Captive Minions

Pt 20: God Gives Good & Bad

Pt 21: Predestination Reincarnation

Pt 22: The Trinity

Pt 23: Problem Empty House

Original Attachments:

Cloning & Flockhart Review Input

Example Conduct Disorder Intervention

What's In A Name

Captive Minions

Seiging Deceiver's Final Walls

Baptism Dream

Grounds for Hope

Psychological Escalation

Humanising God: A Form of Idolatry


November 2005

This is the one of a series of papers that were issued in late November 2005. It is being published today because some people have shown interest in the historical documentation. There are actually more papers at this time, and both before and after this period. Some of them are really long, so I need to work out the best way to get the content on the website. But this will do for starters

Grounds for Hope

 23 November 2005

 A rather lengthy email was sent to Changing Attitude and tutu.org in response to some unfair politicking by some power brokers. The purpose was to provide some robust alternative theological and philosophical paradigms to help develop a broader understanding, and have the debate deepened to a more robust level, rather than squabbling over a miniscule number of passages. The original email is too long to upload, and will be put on when I work out how to do it. For now, here are the two new documents that were attached.


God's Redemption Vision

October 2005

Two emails were sent to Sojourners in the US. The first was written out of frustration of being suppressed by the local church. After issuing the email, I went to work and found out that tropical depression Wilma had formed. By the Thursday, Wilma had been sitting over Mexico for three days, and I felt compelled to write the follow up email, which included the comment that I'd recently said to God that if He did not touch Florida Keys, then they will deny the significance of Katrina and all the other works until now.

Suppression Alternative Views Pt 1

Suppression Altenative Views Pt 2 Cover


March 2005

This was written out of embarassment from the Peace In Our Time paper, as a form of apology by ways of explaining my personal vehemence in writing the Peace In Our Time paper (versus God's wrath that Spirit was being so sabotaged by the churches). As God continued to send confirmations over 2005, and my studying of the bible continued to try and understand what was going on, it became clear that this instinctive apology was also extremely prophetic.

Small Jigsaw Piece


February 2005

This paper was written in response to a hapless church official announcing at an officiating ceremony that people could not really understand the words of Spirit. That anyone who claimed to hear Spirit in words was either a liar, insane or in league with Satan. Upon hearing these words, God was absolutely livid and said "You're the only one that can get through. None of the others have the written audit trail to prove they knew what was coming." This paper has always been very important to me, partly because it is probably one of my best "channelling" of Spirit ever. But most importantly that it warned the churches they had until Easter to acknowledge Holy Spirit. The Nias earthquake on the last hour of the last night of the Easter weekend had a huge personal impact, because I could not see it as a coincidence because whilst writing the paper God said on many occassions "you tell them they have until Easter". If the quake had been a couple of days earlier or a week later, I would have dismissed it as a coincidence


 Late 2001This paper was actually written in early 2004, as part of a series of papers to my local minister to demonstrate that God had used me for prophetic work before, and to provide sufficient evidence for the local minister to take to his leadership to prepare the churches for something "big" that was coming. When asked by God to approach the church in early 2004, I offered to wait until after the "big" thing had happened and then tell them it was from God. God's response at the time was "Cheryl, every man and his dog will know it was from God. You have to tell them know to prove that you knew it was coming, so they will listen to you after the event."

I've placed the paper at late 2001, because the original vision and instructions occurred shortly after September 11, and this is how God responded when I begged for forgiveness in failing Him and asked whether everything I 'd experienced had been for nothing, or whether there had been a purpose.


2000'ish  This is a dream that occurred about a week after an extended period of praying to God about how to bring about world peace. It has played a major role in my understanding that Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for all humanity for all time and that Jesus has ultimate authority above all earthly and heavenly realms.


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