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All Is In God's Design

All Is in God's Design

God is everywhere, there is no need for despair
God does love and care, we enter into light and air

The complacent and selfish had forgotten
that God recalls the forsaken
The greedy and selfish were overtaken
All witness God's authority over Creation

God brings down the tyrant
along with their priestly sycophant
They are left no remnant

God shows no partiality in law
for in truth God saw
To God we all bow before
just as the prophets foresaw

God is just
choosing to dwell amongst
the meek mild and outcaste

God is faithful
making the righteous fruitful
Our hearts are grateful
God's harvest is bountiful

God is triumphant
All God does is excellent
We all feel the benefit

God covers us in righteousness
for God finds Creation desirous
Its occupants fell joyous
See how God is glorious

God is kind, every where God can find
No one is left behind, all is in God's design

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